Ann Tinkham

Stories I Can't Show My Mother

Stories I Can't Show My Mother

Published: 3/9/2019
Pages: 235

In Stories I Can't Show My Mother, bat girl receives love voodoo from Needle Man, a woman finagles a direct deposit at a sperm bank, a modern-day Lady Godiva triggers a hot police investigation into a cold case, an astronaut plots to kidnap her former lover's girlfriend, an escort's famous client falls for her, and a woman recovering from a breakup has a mile-high quickie with a stranger. These flirty, playful stories explore sexuality and sensuality, taking you to places your mother never wanted you to discover.

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Direct Deposit

A woman desperately seeking a sperm donor doesn't follow normal operating procedures at a sperm bank and finagles a direct deposit.

Needle Man Sticks Bat Girl

A woman with a PhD in bats turns to acupuncture to cure her apathy and suspects that the treatment she's receiving is love voodoo.

Chairs in Air

A National Endowment of the Arts recipient gets tipsy after a confrontation with a patron and has a fling at her art opening in a New York City park.

The Sweetness of Salt

A writer from the Iowa Writers' Workshop takes a romantica writing gig in New York City to pay the bills, but she feels like a sell-out writing soft porn lit. When she receives an award for her romantica writing, she receives an unexpected surprise.

Static Breakdown

A famous politician falls in love with his high-priced escort client, an aspiring musician, and sets off a media firestorm.

Fourth Step Tango

A woman is involved with a wannabe actor specializing in a fire-and-brimstone preacher role who takes his sexual cues from Last Tango in Paris.

Fly Me to the Moon

A female astronaut's plot to kidnap her former lover's girlfriend doesn't go as planned.

He Brings Me Flowers

A single mom and a powerful pharmaceutical executive are involved with the same man, an artist and owner of a hipster secondhand store. They decide independently that his narcissism doesn't serve them.

The Magician

When a woman goes on a date with a magician and his parrot, she realizes that she never truly understood magic.

Cabin Pressure

A woman recovering from a breakup has a mile-high quickie with a stranger who has a shady past.

The Reluctant Horse Whisperer

A modern-day Lady Godiva triggers a police investigation into a horse thief. The cop investigating the case discovers he has special powers.