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Many people have a book living inside them—a story waiting to emerge, waiting for their permission to share it with the world. Are you afraid you don’t know how best to tell it? Would you prefer to have an experienced writer help you craft your book?

Not all book projects are created equally. Some people have a great idea for a book they’ve always wanted to write, and they need help writing it. Others have an idea but want someone else to write it for them. Still others have started a book but have no idea how to finish it. And some have started and stopped so many times, they don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Let me help you give birth to the beautiful story living inside you. Whether your story is a first draft, half-written, outlined, or just a spark of inspiration, I will meet you where you are. I can write your book for you, edit it, teach you to write it, or a combination of approaches.



As a ghostwriter, I don’t view myself as a ghost, but rather as a channel through which to tell your story. You may not know it, but the story in your heart is your gift to the world. Don’t leave this life without first sharing it. I will help you to discover and express your story in the best possible way.

I approach each project like it’s my own. When our hearts and minds meet, alchemy occurs, and I will capture your voice. After absorbing your stories in a series of interviews, your spoken words will gather in my mind and sing on the page. Partnering in ghostwriting is an intimate dance that calls for vulnerability and authenticity. The more your stories come from your imagination and heart, the more they’ll resonate with your readers.

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When I edit, I don’t change your voice; I enhance your work and make it shine. Awkward phrasing and unnecessary words can dull your luster and detract from your message. I polish to clear away the tarnish. I offer both developmental editing and copyediting. Developmental editing strengthens structure, clarity, pacing, and more. And in fiction or memoir, I enhance story, plot, characters, and themes. Copyediting fixes grammar, punctuation, word usage, clarity, and flow. We collaborate to ensure that my edits deliver your intended meaning and message to your readers.

I offer a free 1-2-page sample edit to give you a sense of how I would work with your manuscript. Send me some pages, and let’s get started. I can’t wait to see your work!



Have you always dreamed of writing your own book, but don’t feel that you have the writing chops? I’d love to work with you every step of the way to craft your dream book. I will walk you through the steps of writing your own book through one-on-one coaching and intensives. We will meet to discuss your project parameters and work together to design your book. Then, as you write, I will review chapters, give you feedback, and make sure you’re on track and creating your dream book.

2-Day Coaching Intensives

Do you have an idea for a book and want to write it yourself but don’t know how to begin? I offer 2-day coaching intensives that will give you the foundation to start writing your book. During the intensives I work with you to discuss your book dreams, brainstorm ideas, discuss craft, and teach you about publishing considerations. I record and transcribe the sessions so you can use the transcriptions to begin writing your book. And we will have a whole lot of fun in the process. You will leave full of inspiration, ideas, a structure, and a plan.

Coaching Packages

I offer coaching packages at all levels to help you write the book you’ve always dreamed of. My packages help you turn dreaming into doing and put you on the road to publishing and to becoming an author. Imagine your book on Amazon, in libraries, and on bookstore shelves. Imagine your readings and book signings when you will entertain questions from audience members about your book, publishing journey, and your process as a writer. Through live coaching sessions, manuscript critiques, and developmental editing, I will make sure you’re up and running on your book project.

Silver Stylus

Choose this package if you have some writing skills and experience in your book’s genre but want support in getting started and receiving feedback on your work. We will take a deep dive into the elements of your genre, so you can plan for and craft a publishable book.

  • 3 months
  • 8 hours of phone coaching sessions per month (2 one-hour sessions per week)
  • 10 hours of manuscript review & critique, developmental editing per month

Gold Quill

I recommend this package if you have some writing skills and experience but need help with your first book. You’d like to improve your storytelling and writing craft and would like some guidance and feedback. Our work together will include instruction through coaching and feedback on your writing. This allows you to improve as you go and avoid making early mistakes that could lead to frustrating rework. Through live coaching sessions, manuscript critiques, and developmental editing, you will be off to a solid start on your book project.

  • 4 months
  • 8 hours of phone coaching sessions per month (2 one-hour sessions per week)
  • 15 hours of manuscript review & critique, developmental editing per month

Platinum Pen

This package is for you if you’re a less seasoned writer with a great book idea. You want to write it yourself, but you need lots of guidance and personal attention in outlining, crafting, and writing your book. You’re open to feedback so you can improve and grow as a writer. The skills you develop in our coaching and critiquing sessions will not only help you develop the skills you need to write your first book but will give you the writing chops you need to write subsequent books on your own.

  • 5 months
  • 8 hours of phone coaching sessions per month (2 one-hour sessions per week)
  • 20 hours of manuscript review & critique, developmental editing per month

Ready to get started? Tell us about yourself and your project and we will schedule a consultation.


I would highly recommend Ann for any type of writing and editing project regardless of genre or subject matter. She is a brilliant and creative writer and one of the best content editors and developmental editors I have ever worked with. Her ability to build a positive, interactive relationship with a client is second to none, and that is so important in the pursuit of an excellent final product.

-- Mark Graham, Mark Graham Communications

Working with Ann on my latest book was an amazing experience. Her ideas on story line, characters and nuance helped me to enrich the telling of this unique tale. Her research and questions regarding the culture of the characters and the time period brought to light situations that I may have otherwise missed. Most powerful of All was Ann’s constant questioning forcing me to think about how to strengthen a scene or to support a statement made. Words cannot express my gratitude. Having the opportunity to work with Ann has been the greatest of pleasures.

-- Peter M. Browne, Oh, Nantucket

I would like to say what an amazing person Ann is and very easy to work with. She put up with my meltdowns like a champ. I would definitely work with her in the future. And I love the fact she has a sense of humor and an eye for detail. She is worth it!

-- Demi K., Athena in a Rathole

Ann was simply terrific. From beginning to end, she was there to answer my questions. Walk me through difficult plot lines. She was never shy about getting to the point and why it was important. In all, she helped bring my story to life. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

-- C. Herbert Locy, The Amazing Huff

Unequivocally talented and personable, Ann Tinkham shines as she captures the nuanced tone of the individual. humor and passion, Ann established the structure I was seeking in my disorganized pages and found the depth of my words. What a gift she is! Forever grateful.

-- Cindy Benezra, Under the Orange Blossoms

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